Updated July 22, 2019

Herb n Berries U-Pick Bluebery farm wil close the 2019 season on Saturday, July 27, 2019. The season has lasted longer than we'd initially thought despite the heat.

We will be open Monday July 22nd, Friday, July 26th, and Saturday July 27th. The hours will be 7 am to 11 am. WE WILL NOT BE OPEN WEDNESDAY, JULY 24TH, DURING THIS LAST WEEK.

We walked the upper field today and several rows still have a good supply of blueberries. Overall they're a bit smaller but the big ones are still there if you take your time. If you are expecting the picking to be as 'easy' as it was a week or so ago you may be disappointed so we suggest you find an alternate source; we do not want anyone disappointed!!

We extracted honey on Saturday with help from some friends and their families (THANKS TO NATALIE, DINEEN, et al) from the hives at the farm. It was the easiest extraction Ed has experienced to date because they did all the work. We've taken orders (price is being determined) and will continue taking additional orders until sold out.

We expect to have a pretty good supply of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers for a while depending on the weather. As in the past, we will have frozen baking/smoothie blueberries until they are all sold. Remember you can pay for the berries in advance and we will hold them for you as long as you pick them up by the end of April 2020.

We've also been freezing Jumbo first quality blueberries in 3/4 pound bags; their size makes a real impression in muffins, pancakes, in your oatmeal, or as frozen snacks. They will also be available for sale at the farm.

We've decided to open the farm Saturday mornings during the month of August. While we'll be doing our normal Fall activities at the farm (weeding, trimming, fixing, etc.), you can stop by for vegetables that will be cut as you wait; cannot be fresher than that. You can also get frozen blueberries if you wish; remember to bring a cooler with ice to keep them cold. We won't have the signs out and the main gate will be closed so Cathy's dogs can roam free. However, the exit gate will be open and you can drive down the exit road and park opposite the barn and we'll let you in.


Cathy and Ed