Updated May 28, 2023

We have determined that the farm will not open for U-Pick blueberries this season. The late December 2022 freeze and the March 2023 frosts significantly damaged the blueberry crop. The amount of blueberries is simply not enough to make sure that pickers will be satisfied by the experience.

Blackberries are not available for U-Pick but can be purchased at the farm. A 12-ounce clamshell of the fresh First Quality blackberries is $10.50, the same as last year, and if available, a 12-ounce clamshell of the fresh Baking/Smoothie blackberries is $8.50.

Flowers, zinnias primarily, are available at the farm and Cathy can cut, and arrange them, to order.

Tomatoes have just begun ripening and we expect them to be available soon.

Call before coming to check on availability. Ed's cell is 803 646-8509 and Cathy's cell is 803 295-6678. If you are coming, please drive up the 'exit' road and park opposite the barn, leaving enough room for another car to pass.

It's disappointing that the blueberry crop will be so limited but it's just one of the realities of agriculture.


Cathy and Ed

Herb n Berries